8 Batik Kaftan to Singapore and New Collections

Had gone to the post office yesterday to send a multicolour batik kaftan, the one I also dig to boot - to its new owner in Ohio USA. I really hope if would be enjoyed,. Hurmm.. forgotten to snap that one but today I had to go to the post office again.. this time to our long time customer in Singapore. Thank you very much for the continued support.

Got to send in three little cute packages cz Flexipack really is rigid in the dimension of box. Would be nicer if its a little bigger or more flexible. Its a tight fit but the boxes does look cute and outstanding with its pink colour.

So, am going to post a few more this afternoon. For next week, I will focus more on batik sarong. Before additional batik kaftans to fill up the sold one.

Managed to snap a few pics. Need to supply more. Want to check out our latest collection, come browse our Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BatikKaftanCrafts?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Happy 58th Merdeka My Malaysia

Happy 58th Merdeka my Malaysia!

This years' team is Sehati Sejiwa .. if you google traslate it.. it will come out as "in one accord".. yeah, seems apt..

2015 seems like a challenging year for Malaysia..
1) GST.. which make in my opinion, Malaysian consumers poorer by 6%.. yeah, they said price won't change, the 6% will be absorb within the business transaction process, but since its implementation, all I can see is... you buy a thing.. says RM10.. 6% will be slapped on it, and it all goes to the govt and consumers will be 60 cents poorer..
2) O&G price plunge... kinda perplexing why with the current oil price drop, we do not see the corresponding price lowering at the local gas station
3) Ringgit Malaysia is depreciating... well, some of my sales especially to outside Malaysia is in USD, so I am smiling a bit. But we have to see a bit in the long run.. Malaysia imports many raw material.. including textile which is used of course in the batik industry, cost might increase if RM slides further and in longer period.
4) RM2.6 billion donation... and Malaysia had move up to no. 1 world's corruption index. I believe it is not juz me whom had had it with the current ruling political parties. Maybe UMNO's days are really numbered now. Perhaps Malaysian will follow the USA, of which parties will rules one term at a time, and people's vote will matter rather that 1 person clinging to power and money.
5) Abundance of stupid MPs... with stupid comments on GST, declining RM etc. I am ashamed.
6) Upcoming economic downturn.. well, it has been lurking since a few years past. Just it all congregated with multiple factors in 2015. I hope Malaysia still stays strong. In a way, because Malaysia's all all rounders.. we have manufacturings.. minings.. agriculture.. we are strong. Hopefully we stays strong.

Woo.. all serious stuff today. Enuff dire news and writting. Sorry for my mak nenek (moms and grandmas) babbling today.

But the whole point still remains.. yeah, it is a challenging time for Malaysia.. but it is still my lovely country. Malaysia, I will stand by you. xoxoxo :)

Batik Set for London Catwalk


By D. Kanyakumari, The STAR Malaysia, 4 August 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, known to have dressed many in the who’s who list – from Princess Diana to supermodel Kate Moss – will feature batik at the London Fashion Week.

This will be the first time that Malaysian batik is seen on the catwalk of London Fashion Week, from Sept 18 to 22.

Rhodes is collaborating with Kraftangan Malaysia for a Malaysian textile development programme in London which will culminate during London Fashion Week.

“This collection designed by Zandra and produced by Malaysian entrepreneurs will be presented as the Spring/Summer collection for 2016,” said Kraftangan Malaysia director of design and research department Datuk Zubir Mohd Zain.

He hoped that the collaboration would raise the profile of Malaysian textile on the international stage.
British High Commissioner to Malaysia Vicki Treadell told a press conference yesterday that Zandra would design a collection under her label but with Malaysian textiles.

The partnership, she said, was something to be celebrated.

“It will serve as a platform for young Malaysian talent to learn from Zandra,” she said.

Treadell said this would be the first time that Malaysian textile would be featured in the official schedule of the London Fashion Week.

Speaking of Zandra, Treadell said the designer was made a dame in the Queen’s honours list in recognition of her work in always giving back to the community.

Dodi Mohasdi Mohammad, who is the founder of fashion agency Tradisi Busana PR Sdn Bhd, said Zandra’s collection featuring batik and songket would be priced from RM1,000 to RM5,000.

“Her collection will also be featured at the KL Fashion weekend from Nov 8 to 15,” he said.
Explaining how it all came about, Dodi said that Zandra, who specialised in printed textile, developed an interest in batik during her visit to Malaysia in 2013.

“I introduced her to Kraftangan Malaysia and the plan took off from there. Zandra will soon pick 10 entrepreneurs shortlisted by me to execute her designs,” he said.

Today's Post to Singapore and USA ;)

Been out for nearly 5 days so today had to hurry up to the post office. I am grateful for my USA customers. Seems they really enjoy their batik kaftans, My sales are not much. As I said, it is more like a hobby and an experiment, but I do enjoy posting them, to be enjoyed outside Malaysia.

Another postage is to our nearest neighbour Singapore. Thanks! Hurmm.. I had been to Singapore a few time. The first time is around 1999, when I had to close out our O&G project account in Singapore. Then a long hiatus, until I started working elsewhere and had a brief joint to Singapore with a colleague who had relatives over there. And currently with the kiddies, to of course the Universal Studio Singapore. Wow.. just thinking about USS got me thinking perhaps its time to go there again, But thruthfully, the 570 km journey or around 8 hours+ driver using trunk beach road, it is a pain in the bum .. hehe... but yess, definitely we will go again ;)

Batik Kaftan to Italy ;)

This post is a little bit late, but better late then never right.

I had this big pleasure of sending 3 batik kaftans to Roma, Italy. My first ever shipment to Italy. Haven't been there but always had this aim to visit 'em at least once in the future. Perhaps Italy is very exotic to us Malaysian, the language, the food, the scenery. The order was in Italian to boot hehe.. it make my day! Previously, I also had the pleasure of side working with an Italian boss (he was my friend's boss) during my time working at OnG plant in Kerteh, M.Leoni was his name. We always marvel at how smooth and nice his facial skin was, and he was nearly 60 during that time, almost 13 years ago.

The kaftans chosen were green, so to apologise for my late delivery, I also included a green freebies in the package, Thanks!

But, I was curious, why out of the blue Batik Kaftans suddenly had Italian fans. Googling around, apparently Malaysia is currently participating in Expo Milano, a big showcase of different countries' pavilion showcasing their culture and innovation. I think Malaysian design is nice, seeds of life referring to the seed of rubber tree, of which Malaysia is known for its latex and latex products. Wow!

So.. anyway, seems at this Malaysia pavillion, there is currently Batik painting activities. Can see there even tho the paintings are done by kiddies, their batik colouring looks great! I believe perhaps this spurs an interest on Malaysia batik offerings, including our ranges of batik kaftans. Thanks for that Expo Milano ;)