Batik Kaftan Packages & the Malaysian Stamps.

Some of our visitors might be curious on how we would process our batik kaftan order. Usually, we will post the kaftan between 1 - 3 workdays but I will try to hasten the process as quickly as I could.

After being photograph, each batik kaftan will be sealed in individual plastic packaging. Once ordered, we will put them in bubble envelopes to protect them further during the long journey towards their final destination. We use our national post office - Post Malaysia using International Registered Post, the reference number given can be used to tract the packaging in Malaysia and afterwards, in the destination country. Depending on location, it would take 7 - 21 days.

Kaftans in The Bubble Wraps.

Call me old school, but I quite like these registered post rituals because it would give me contacts with stamps. I seldom received any nowadays, even in my day jobs as most correspondances are via email or faxes. Even mail received only have stamps printed on them (not the usual traditional stamps).

The photo above shows the current Malaysian stamps - depicting colonial building all around the country. We have been under several mega power such as England and Japanese before we gain independence in 1957. I think these stamps theme is colonial because we will celebrating our independence on 31st August. I think I will capture more Malaysia stamps as it changes whenever I post some kaftans to other parts of the world.

Oooo.. the single lone yellow stamps is reminisce of a traditional one, I believe I saw them surfacing since early part of the 80s.

Updates 5 Jan 2015.

Since the revamp of Pos Malaysia, we will post internationally using the Flexipack International envelope or boxes. It is highly efficient too for example I had one delivered to the USA in 9 days (wow!) but definitely it would be around 12 working days subject to custom clearence.