Batik Sarong - Pareos, Skirts, Dress, Beachwear & Quilt Materials

Hand Blocked Batik Sarong Fabrics:-

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing our new offering - the batik sarong which is a must have item in most Malay household. Batik has been a dress of Malay ladies since long ago when ladies would just wear the batik sarong "kemban" or tube dress style at chest level and nothing else. With the assimilation of Islamic teaching, ladies had become more modest in their dressing in which sarong is used as skirts and baju kurung (loose blouse) would be worn to cover the upper bodies.
Sarong nowadays would be worn casually as longing skirts paired with comfy blouse or shirt and home. Paired with an elegant lacy kebayas, batik sarong are also suitable for formal functions.
Batik Sarong worn as Tube Dress.

Nowadays, batik sarong also enjoys recognition globally as a versatile beachware attire. Slip it on and depending on how you tied it and at what level it is tied, it can be a tube dress (tied at chest level), a skirts (tied at the waist), a miniskirt (fold in half at tied at the waist), toga style (tied on one shoulder) as well as halter dress (tied at the back of the neck).

Even on the beach, the sarong can double up as the beach mat or even a towel. Indeed, the possibility is endless on what you can do with a batik sarong. At home, it can double up as a curtain, wall hanging, sofa throw, table covers.. for Malay, it also serves as baby's buaian or hammock as well as light blanket for both adult and children. Those who loves sewing, the batik sarong especially those yet to be sewn into a tube sarong, it can be transform into a lovely dress, pants, skirts or even serve as a batik fabric for quilting projects.

This week, I am going to feature some batik sarong, the difference between hand-blocked batik sarong and printed batik sarong with a few tantalizing batik sarong on offer.

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