Batik Sarongs as Wall / Ceiling Decorations

Hiya! Just came back from my long holiday for Hari Raya or Eild-ul Fitr. Too much good food I'll say.. I think I had just piled back pounds of calories vs the miniscule amount I've lost during the month long fasting of Ramadhan :)

Anyway, went to the East Coast Mall in Kuantan yesterday, just a bit of retail theraphy and for the kids to enjoy themselves running around the mall when I noticed their decoration this time round.

Hmmm.. batik sarongs for ceilings? I must say it look nice. It brings on the cheerfulness and festive atmosphere to the mall especially during these Raya months. Here the batik sarongs are used optimally, I think a batik sarong would make about 3 of these ceiling hangers. It saves cost as well as ensuring that its not too heavy for the ceiling as well as allowing the batik to sway to the light aircon breeze inside the mall.

[caption id="attachment_968" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Batik Sarongs as Wall / Ceiling Decorations for Malls and Homes"][/caption]

For homes, usually a whole batik sarong is used to decorate the space for exotic Asian theme, well.. if you tired of them, you could always use them for other things such as sofa throw, bikini cover-ups, etc. Just fold them in half and drap them onto a holder (preferably wood) on the wall.

I am also adding around 20 more batik sarongs design for you to feast your eyes on - hopefully more colourful ones - purple, red, blue, pink etc.

In a week, I will also add on more kaftans - had an eye to some simple butterflies designed ones that look so nice :)

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