Buying Kaftans, Sarongs & Batik Fabrics Online.

I'm putting this post up to share what you can expect when buying a batik kaftans, sarongs or batik fabric from us, BatikKaftanCrafts online.

BatikKaftanCrafts is based in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia - the capital of Malaysian batik & handicrafts. In this regard, most of our products would be handmade batik kaftans & sarongs (which also double as quilt fabric materials). From time to time, to offer our customers value for money, we will also feature printed batik or batik from Indonesia. However, we will highlight distinctively of our product origins.

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We bought our offerings from small enterprises or local people which involved directly with batik production. Once photographed, this item will be wrapped in durable plastic sheet to ensure hygience and as preservation measure.

Our payment method would be via PayPal. This method also offer you added security measurement as you can pay securely with your existing credit or debit card. When you decided to buy kaftans or sarongs from us, we will received notification from the PayPal team on payment received.

Please allow us 2-3 working days (we will ensure we'll do it at the fastest time possible ) to post your item. We will put the kaftans or sarong into a bubble envelope (maximum 2 items per envelop) before posting it via our PosMalaysia registered airmail.

We will give you the reference number for you to track the progress of your package. I have to say that Malaysian post is a bit inefficient, sometimes it would take a few days before the status is up and it might put the package still in Kuala Terengganu (even though, the parcel might have already been to KLIA - Kuala Lumpur International Airport) for its journey.

Tracking Post Malaysia:

After the items arrived at the country destination, you can use the tracking number for progress update, example:-





Depending on countries & locations, it would take between 7 - 21 days from Malaysia to your doorsteps.

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If you are unsatisfied with the purchase, you are able to return (on your own cost) the item to us within 7 days of receipts. We will reimburse you back minus our shipping and logistic costs.

Hope the above answer your questions! Hope you enjoy your buying experiance & our selection of beautifully affordable batik kaftans and sarongs!