Buy Batik Kaftans or Sarongs from Us & Get Free Malaysia Stamps

Haha.. just joking.. You will get the Malaysian stamps as we used them to pay for the postage passage right to your doorsteps :)

Again, the stamps are similar to the ones before but I snapped them nearer so we can see what they look like. I thought that they were colonial buildings but apparently, they were all Castles (Istana in Bahasa Malaysia)..

[caption id="attachment_988" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Malaysian Stamps - Castles & Fruits (Kuini)"][/caption]

I think most of the castles look a bit westernized except the Istana Negara (National Castle). I supposed this is because the older Istana in Malaysia were made from wood.. so, decades of usage means that some of these castle may not be in existence anymore. So sad.. as Malaysia has 13 states, we have 13 castles that the sultans or kings reside in..

Anyway.. another one of the stamps is the one with the Kuini fruit.. I love this fruit actually, my late grandma used to have one in her kampung (village) but my late grandpa had cut it down after she died. Kuini is a bit like mangoes but heavier, rounder and smellier. Its flesh is also a bit more fibrious than mangoes.

Hmmm.. I love stamps :)