Batik Rules at Malaysia Night Market Trafalgar London 2011

Hiya there.. been back to Malaysia around a week but just can update this website today.. too many things pending in my day job when I was away :)

Have to say, I love London! The shopping, the people, the views, the parks, the fresh airs, the walking everywhere habits, the car boot sales.. I especially love the fresh air in the park, perhaps as it is autumn/fall now, the air is fresh and crisp.. a bit like early morning or dawn in Malaysia.. but we are a hot and humid country, so its is not so cooly crisp such as in the UK.. well, have to say.. I love my time there :)

[caption id="attachment_1174" align="aligncenter" width="717" caption="Dusk View at Trafalgar"][/caption]

Anyway, as I was on official duty there during the recent Malaysia Kitchen event, I had to mingle around, watching over some of the booth of my lovely state Terengganu and mainly watching gauging the expression of Londoners and also visitors to London enjoying a bit of Malaysia culture and glorious food. I have to say that I was earlier with preconception than British people do not enjoy Malaysian food but my earlier excursions into Malaysia restaurants around London definitely show me wrong. I see people do enter Malaysian restaurants and enjoy our selection of food. Have to say that tasting these dishes, it is a bit blander as opposed to what we enjoy at home aka less spiceness but it actually has better range of taste, perhaps the chefs does need to improvise to cover some of the ingredients not readily available but it certainly is still delicious.

[caption id="attachment_1175" align="aligncenter" width="717" caption="Londoners at the Terengganu state stalls."][/caption]

Anyway, my State also bought a Batikers to showcase and sell some of their batik selections which consists of sarongs, kaftans, summer dresses, plain batik cloths, man shirts, ladies pareos as well as the songket teddies. The batiks were slowly sold in the beginning however, after the fashion show held later the day, it was all sold out! Wow!

[caption id="attachment_1176" align="aligncenter" width="717" caption="Batik Show at Trafalgar Square"][/caption]

All the models are actually dancers from Terengganu states which earlier had dances to the traditional tunes of Terengganu. Had to admit, me being the natives haven't even known some of the dances or songs that they had danced haha :P

Anyway, haad a fine time with the Londoners hooting and clapping at the beautiful ladies and guys dancers there.. they are exotically beautiful and exotic as well as sportingly accomodative to out hootings hehehe.. Also had beautiful moments of singing with the husky voice of the lady singer which sang a nice jazzy rendition of an evergreen rock song singing praise of Terengganu.. Na na na na na 'Ganu Kite (Na na na na na our Terengganu)..

Yessss!!! Thank you London and Londoners for giving me lovely memories of London. Hope I can visit you again sometime in the future!

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