Mini Songket Teddy off to the USA

Hiya! Haven't been posting for quite some time. Was busy travelling for my day jobs.. mostly visiting factories of small enterprises here and giving them advise on how to expand their business promotion. Then, we have the Deepavali celebration.. a Hindu festival of light which we Malaysian, a multicultural country celebrated with our Hindu friends.

Over the holiday also I had received my order of mini songket teddy. I bought some of them earlier but had given them as gifts to my colleagues in the UK when I went there last month.

They enjoyed it soo much that I decided to share the songket teddy joy to all BatikKaftaCrafts customers and teddy lovers as well. You can purchase these mini songket teddies that also double as keychain for $25 for a packet of three teddies. Else, for every purchase of $100 in a single receipt will also be given a songket teddy as a souvenior / gifts from us to you.

[caption id="attachment_1199" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Songket Teddy off for an Adventure!"][/caption]

So, our first mini songket teddy ready for the next adventure has already been sent off today, this time to Colorado, in the USA for the pleasure of Ms. JV. Hope you'll have a blast there!