New Stamps to the USA

Hiya everybody! Sorry for not updating, I have scarcely at my office nowadays as I need to galivant around for meetings, factory visits and such for my day job. I am not complaining mind you, but nowadays as usual for November and December each year, we at Peninsular Malaysia's are experiance the monsoon season, gloomy and wet so driving around is not really a pleasure..

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rantings :)

Today I had an order from the USA and it is such a pleasure to go to the post office. So from the picture, you can see we have some different Malaysia stamps this time around. We have two birds and two types of flowers. These flora and fauna are natives to Malaysia for example the Punai Tanah (Green Winged Pigeon) are always found nearby my backyard (my house is located near a small hill with bushes all around.. so we had lots of animals crossing our path.. hogs, hornbills, slow morris (a type of monkey).. and snakes (shudders).. however the Imperial Pigeon there, is a bit harder to find, no wonder it has the most expansive value @ RM5.00.

[caption id="attachment_1213" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Malaysia Stamps - Nov 2011"][/caption]

The other two flowers are quite familiar to Malaysian cz there are everywhere, but I am very fond of the Bunga Teratai (Lotus flower).. it evokes serenity as it's habitat is in the lakes.. and you know that lakes are beautiful, and will made more beautiful with the gracefull swaying full blooming lotus flower.. sighhh...

Anyway, seems like Malaysian postal had hiked its rates again.. thought of offering a discount this coming Xmas seasons but alas, with the hike, I cannot. But in the future, I am hoping to add a little service, a gift wrapping service where you can email me to send a gift package of kaftans and sarongs to loved ones.. along with wrapping papers and cards.. well, I'll keep you posted on that soon :)