Safe Browsing

I wish to thank a few of my clients over their emels stating that my past e-commerce website is listed as unsafe. Thanks heaps!

I guess that it is a problem when you are a part time, just for fun e-bizz owner with no really sophisticated knowledge of all those mumbo jumbo programming thingy.. so I did bought mine a prepackage e-bizz website solution, with hosted website..

I noticed my site was getting error messages, but being clueless, I don't know what to do.. letting it be, I supposed spam or virus or other malicious thingy is taking possession of my site as well as the host I paid every month.. Grrrr...

So, am starting from the beginning.. on a simple Blogger platform.. Hope you all bear with me, the site might not be so sophisticated, but at least I know my way around.. and I guarantee you that the service etc will remain on par.

Thanks again for coming back!

Lotsa Love,