I'm Back Again :)

Back again and I hope that this time is for good. I have been busy I must say. That's why this blog been neglected and I didn't have time to even do marketing for my e-bizz site.

I thank my past customer, Ms. Z that had emailed me asking for my new site as my previous site was attacked by cyber-virus. I think I owe this much to her. Thanks for your support, Ms. Z. I'll keep a nice trinket for you after this. xoxo.

Anyway, I have decided to just open BlogShop as opposed to dedicated e-commerce website and own hosting as I am not IT-smart. However, I assure you that the product would be the same as well as the service.

I still believe in batik kaftans as I wore them almost everyday at home. I aim to share the joy of kaftans not only for Malaysian users but also around the globe. I know my customers in Canada and the USA had enjoyed them.

So, my latest purchase was this butterfly kaftan, feel in love with this one so this is mine. But do not worry, had a lot more varieties of kaftan butterflies for you to choose from :)