Restarting Again!

Kids having fun :)

Well, it has been nearly two years since I seriously dabble in my BatikKaftanCrafts store. With new baby Hannah becoming an exploring toddler and the two older brothers becoming more independent, I think its high time to revive the store.

I love kaftans. I wear them everyday. I think its the most comfy piece of clothing for me to lounge around.. loose with most of the time vibrant colours and amazing hand drawn designs.

I created the store just to share the kaftans I love, as well as a chronicle to the ever changing design of kaftans - from the classic flora towards abstracts and contemporary designs. This is my first post, I hope I will post more here, about kaftans, the Malaysian crafts, its uniqueness, as well as personal rambling form time to time ;).

Hope to see you again!