10th Batik Kaftans off to the USA

Farewell to the 10th batik kaftans off to the USA since I restarted my store August last year. Think before that I have also sent quite a few batik kaftans to the USA. Thanks!

Would really love to visit the USA should I have the opportunity one day. Disneyland would be my number 1 place to visit hehehehe.. then perhaps Hollywood, yeah usually touristy places.

Anyway, really enjoyed being the sofa traveller watching all those travel and food shows (really enjoy Man vs Food programme).. all seems so yummy and must be tried.

I also really love the Clean House series as well especially those hosted by Niecy Nash. Really an eye opener as well as encouragement to decluttered and beautify my house as well.

Ohh ohh.. back to business. Since I am on Etsy around 3 months ago (Oct 2014), the USA seems to be the bulk of business (just 10 now but hopefully more will enjoy Batik Kaftans in the future)..  other countries would be Ireland (1) and Australia (1). On my previous phase (pre delivery of baby Hannah), I had sent some to Canada and also the UK. Hope to see more customers from other countries after this.

It had been my pleasure to pin mentally where the batik kaftans had been sent off too. Hope to have more countries to pin soon ;)

Happy Monday!

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