Batik Kaftan off to Australia

Today, I am sending off a Boho Bali style kaftan to the Aussies...

Australia always have that special place in my heart ever since my study there in University of Tasmania (Hobart Campus) around 1996 - 97. I really missed the scrumptious scallop pie at the Salamanca Market, the once a month fish platter (was a poor student then with only around AUD 300 a month subsistence allowance). Really love their cool weather too, I especially love the winter (yeah, I am from almost all year round sunny Malaysia so the colder weather is something of a treat!)..

I really love the Australian's Women's Day too.. around those days, Princess Di was hot news.. and her sudden death was also a shocker. All read via Women's Day. Had my fix of the mag too for several years later when I would buy it when its copy become available in Malaysia. During my time was also when the Port Arthur's massacre happen. A really sad day for Tasmania. Had a crush for the Silverchair too.. haha..

Hard to believe it has been 18 years since my Tassie year. I had the fortune to visit Brisbane around 2007 for a working visit. Had source the Anne of Green Gable cd when I was there (but that's another story). Really hope I had the fortune to visit Tasmania again someday ;)

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8 Jan 2015