2 More Batik Kaftans to the USA - Repeat Order ;D

Two more batik kaftans off to the USA... this time to a previous customer.. my first repeat order after start reactivating myself yippe!!!

Gotta say.. I do love this red Boho Bali batik kaftan.. vibrant red colour, nice design, thicker clothing and definitely super comfy. Am glad that it find a new owner.

As its a repeat customer, thought I'd throw in a freebies.. just a small token.. a red hairband to complement the red kaftan ;)

My sales are not that brisk, but I believe I am building up kaftan lovers. I aim to be more active in April.

Gotta stock up more batik kaftans and reactivating those that had expired. I did source full batik block batik kaftans but haven't got the time to snap its pics yet - I aim to snap more pics for each piece after this so would be customers would have more pics to base their decision on.

Am also venturing to eBay after this. Same name Batik Kaftan Crafts as my lovely Etsy store.

Aim to spread more batik kaftan love more rapidly after this. Go Batik Kaftans!