Batik Kaftan Crafts Review from the USA

As BKC is a part time business... kinda hobby of mine, it is nice to have good reviews once in a while. Today I got two good reviews and a return customer! Wow! Thank you! Really make my day ;D

Why I like reviews?

1) Well, definitely to see whether my customers are satisfied. Yeah, selling is one thing, but I like the buyers enjoy their purchase.
2) The trends and likes of customers. If you observed Malaysian kaftans, most of them are very colourful. Perhaps living a sunny Malaysia make us love cheery bright colours. I observe most of the purchase of batik kaftans to the USA and Europe tend to prefers subtle colours and less flamboyant design. Point taken. I will stock up on these design soon.
3) Spreading batik kaftan loves. It is gratifying to see other countries enjoy batik kaftans and its uniqueness. Even I myself enjoy other countries crafts and design such as the kimono for examples.

Well.. note to self. Have been busy these few months and haven't been replenishing my stocks in a while. Will do it soon ;)

I have also discovered some additional new kaftans - full batik block technique applied to kaftans so the design would be fuller as well as decreasing the sheerness of the batik kaftans.

I really like the contrast combination as well. What do you think? Will upload a few first for tryouts and if its a hit - will definitely stock up! Stay tune!