The Making of Batik Kaftans to You

Today, I updated my Etsy store info on how batik kaftans are made, the process then delivered straight to your doorsteps. Thought it would be nice to replicate on a blog entry as well.

First, you would definitely to draw something for the kaftans. A white cloth usually rayon viscose mix would be stretched on a wooden frame, before a motive is drawn on it using a tjanting.

After the drawing is finished, it is left to dry for a bit.

Sometimes the blocking method is used of which a copper block would be dipped in melting wax and stomp on white clothing.

Then of course the colouring process before its left to dry again.

I definitely love this picture. The kaftans are washed to remove the excess dyes before its hung to dry. However, I strongly recommend you to wash the kaftan separately for a few time first to ensure no excess dye is left - which might ruin your load of laundry.

I have to say, I source these batik from several local manufacturers. I love batik kaftan and wore them at home 99% of the time. So, after selecting, I took some pics and post it online.

After the order is placed, I will try to post it within 3 working days. Depending on quantity, I love to add in a small token of appreciation too.

Hurmm.. that's what I do for BatikKaftanCrafts. I believe batik kaftan should travel the world and meet new owners. Hope you will enjoy batik kaftan as well as I do ;D