Batik Kaftan to Italy ;)

This post is a little bit late, but better late then never right.

I had this big pleasure of sending 3 batik kaftans to Roma, Italy. My first ever shipment to Italy. Haven't been there but always had this aim to visit 'em at least once in the future. Perhaps Italy is very exotic to us Malaysian, the language, the food, the scenery. The order was in Italian to boot hehe.. it make my day! Previously, I also had the pleasure of side working with an Italian boss (he was my friend's boss) during my time working at OnG plant in Kerteh, M.Leoni was his name. We always marvel at how smooth and nice his facial skin was, and he was nearly 60 during that time, almost 13 years ago.

The kaftans chosen were green, so to apologise for my late delivery, I also included a green freebies in the package, Thanks!

But, I was curious, why out of the blue Batik Kaftans suddenly had Italian fans. Googling around, apparently Malaysia is currently participating in Expo Milano, a big showcase of different countries' pavilion showcasing their culture and innovation. I think Malaysian design is nice, seeds of life referring to the seed of rubber tree, of which Malaysia is known for its latex and latex products. Wow!

So.. anyway, seems at this Malaysia pavillion, there is currently Batik painting activities. Can see there even tho the paintings are done by kiddies, their batik colouring looks great! I believe perhaps this spurs an interest on Malaysia batik offerings, including our ranges of batik kaftans. Thanks for that Expo Milano ;)