Today's Post to Singapore and USA ;)

Been out for nearly 5 days so today had to hurry up to the post office. I am grateful for my USA customers. Seems they really enjoy their batik kaftans, My sales are not much. As I said, it is more like a hobby and an experiment, but I do enjoy posting them, to be enjoyed outside Malaysia.

Another postage is to our nearest neighbour Singapore. Thanks! Hurmm.. I had been to Singapore a few time. The first time is around 1999, when I had to close out our O&G project account in Singapore. Then a long hiatus, until I started working elsewhere and had a brief joint to Singapore with a colleague who had relatives over there. And currently with the kiddies, to of course the Universal Studio Singapore. Wow.. just thinking about USS got me thinking perhaps its time to go there again, But thruthfully, the 570 km journey or around 8 hours+ driver using trunk beach road, it is a pain in the bum .. hehe... but yess, definitely we will go again ;)