Happy 58th Merdeka My Malaysia

Happy 58th Merdeka my Malaysia!

This years' team is Sehati Sejiwa .. if you google traslate it.. it will come out as "in one accord".. yeah, seems apt..

2015 seems like a challenging year for Malaysia..
1) GST.. which make in my opinion, Malaysian consumers poorer by 6%.. yeah, they said price won't change, the 6% will be absorb within the business transaction process, but since its implementation, all I can see is... you buy a thing.. says RM10.. 6% will be slapped on it, and it all goes to the govt and consumers will be 60 cents poorer..
2) O&G price plunge... kinda perplexing why with the current oil price drop, we do not see the corresponding price lowering at the local gas station
3) Ringgit Malaysia is depreciating... well, some of my sales especially to outside Malaysia is in USD, so I am smiling a bit. But we have to see a bit in the long run.. Malaysia imports many raw material.. including textile which is used of course in the batik industry, cost might increase if RM slides further and in longer period.
4) RM2.6 billion donation... and Malaysia had move up to no. 1 world's corruption index. I believe it is not juz me whom had had it with the current ruling political parties. Maybe UMNO's days are really numbered now. Perhaps Malaysian will follow the USA, of which parties will rules one term at a time, and people's vote will matter rather that 1 person clinging to power and money.
5) Abundance of stupid MPs... with stupid comments on GST, declining RM etc. I am ashamed.
6) Upcoming economic downturn.. well, it has been lurking since a few years past. Just it all congregated with multiple factors in 2015. I hope Malaysia still stays strong. In a way, because Malaysia's all all rounders.. we have manufacturings.. minings.. agriculture.. we are strong. Hopefully we stays strong.

Woo.. all serious stuff today. Enuff dire news and writting. Sorry for my mak nenek (moms and grandmas) babbling today.

But the whole point still remains.. yeah, it is a challenging time for Malaysia.. but it is still my lovely country. Malaysia, I will stand by you. xoxoxo :)