Batik Kaftan Crafts Collection 2019

For 2019, Batik Kaftan Crafts aims to be more proactive in spreading batik kaftan all over the world and we hope that you kaftan lovers would help spread the love.

This year, we have included more batik kaftan designs with additional variety of material which is spun cotton. The benefit of spunned cotton kaftans includes softer feel to the skin, more comfortable to wear, more absorbent and easier to iron rather than silk - altho kaftan is actually a free, relaxed piece of garments that is all loving and fuss free.

Here is a sneakpeak of what is in our stores - and we hope to expand more. Whether you are looking for vibrant colours or just subdued design - we have it all at BatikKaftanCrafts. Just remember that each batik kaftan you purchase - is a masterpiece of their own and uniquely yours.

Well, have a look around. Should you like to browse more, just click this link to our official store:- 

Enjoy! Click this link formore kaftan choices:

For those who love understated batik design, this is for you.

For those who loves vibrant colour, this batik kaftan suits you!

Simple blue comfy batik kaftan.

Simple orchid and vibrant orange batik kaftan.

For all the pink lovers, this batik kaftan is for you!

Perfect for the beach, simple batik kaftan serene blue.

Love and want to see more? Just click our link for our whole range of batik kaftans:-