About Us

Batik Kaftan Crafts is an online store established in 2011. Shared by two sisters that are passionate about batik as a form of Malaysia crafts. Created as a touch point between supply and demand, the store aims to strengthen the batik industry especially in regards to the deluge of different type of textile and apparel style that is developed over the years.

Batik Kaftan itself is a very nifty piece of clothing to be owned. Loose and comfy, it is a must for cool day wear as well as nightwear. Though kaftans now enjoy revival with many different style, cuttings and embelishment, batik kaftan does hold their own.

Batik kaftan begins with a sheet of white fuji rayon, then exclusively hand painted using the tjanting process, dyed and washed.. all using hands. So, each is a masterpiece by itself, though some design might look similar, it would never be 100% the same.

Apart from the store, we will also keep you updated with new varieties of batik kaftans and crafts from Malaysia. There would also be stories on batik arts, visits to various batik and crafts workshops.

So, here's a toast to the Batik Kaftan. I am a Batik Kaftan girl myself! Long Live Batik Kaftans :)