Kaftan Care

Batik kaftans are mostly handmade, from the drawing of the design, the multiple stages of colouring the kaftans.. setting the colours (making it permenant) and such. As a rule, the more colourful the batik kaftans and the more complex designs, more processing and colouring are done.

As such, after purchasing a batik kaftan and wearing it for the first time (yes you can wear it straightaway) - the initial few washes is important. Please ensure the new batik kaftan is washed on its own to remove the excess dyes. 

What I usually do after the first wear, just fill a basin with plain water and very little amount of detergent. Leave the batik kaftan in it overnight. Don't be alarmed by the possible heavy colouring of the water, the beautiful batik kaftan colour won't be affected. Rinse, and the soak again the kaftan with a fresh basin of water without detergent this time.

Depending on the batikkers, the rinsing of may take from 1 to a couple of cycle time. But once all the extra colours are rinsed off, you can wash the batik kaftan the usual way either manually or by machine wash with other clothes.

Do not bleach the batik kaftans. We recommend drying the kaftans in the shades.